Clinical Research Changes Lives


Clinical Research Changes Lives

Current Trials

Eagle Study: Child Wheezing

A study of an investigational asthma drug in young children with recurrent wheezing.

Your child may soon face breathing challenges. That’s why we’re studying a new asthma drug. Ask your pediatrician about this wheezing study.

ROCKET Voyager Clinical Trial

A study of rocatinlimab in adults with atopic dermatitis.

Your skin’s health matters. That’s why we’re exploring a new treatment. Ask your dermatologist about the ROCKET Voyager trial.

Covid 19 Booster Vaccine Studies

Assessing the impact of COVID-19 booster shots.

As the world adapts to new COVID-19 variants, we’re delving deeper into booster vaccines. Discover the potential of enhanced protection. Ask your doctor about the latest booster studies.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Study

A study of an investigational pneumococcal vaccine in healthy infants

Your baby will soon be exploring the world. That’s why we’re exploring a new vaccine. Ask your child’s doctor about this vaccine study. 

Pfizer Group B Strep Vaccine Study

Investigating GBS6 Vaccine for Enhanced Newborn Safety

Protecting newborns starts before they’re born. That’s why we’re researching a vaccine against Group B Streptococcus. Ask your obstetrician about Pfizer’s GBS study.

Investigational Norovirus Vax Study

Delving into a new vaccine against Norovirus.

Norovirus outbreaks can be  severe. That’s why we’re  investigating a promising vaccine. Consult with your healthcare provider about the Norovirus Vax study.

Cholesterol Research Study MK0616-015

Exploring MK-0616 for Hypercholesterolemia.

High cholesterol poses risks. We’re researching MK-0616’s potential in managing it. Discuss with your cardiologist about the MK0616-015 study.